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Alt=Use Rovi Catalog Matching to add Rovi IDs to your entertainment catalog.

Rovi Catalog Matching

Get Rovi IDs for your entire catalog of songs, albums, movies, and TV shows.


Rovi Catalog Matching Overview
Designing Your Catalog Matching Program
Rovi Cloud Services FAQ

API Reference

Catalog Matching API

Get Rovi IDs for your entire catalog of songs, albums, movies, and TV shows.

Name API

People and groups in music, movies, and television.

Descriptor API

Entertainment genres and subgenres and the top content in each.

Bulk Video Catalog Ingestion and Matching

Rovi offers a second method to match your video catalogs to Rovi IDs: Bulk Video Catalog Ingestion and Matching. The following table shows the features and benefits of both:

MethodMatch ProcessCommon Use CaseSingle Use or Continuing
Catalog MatchingYou write an app that steps through your catalog. You may or may not review the results.Your app calls match/video for every video in your video catalog.Run one time and can be run on new items.
Bulk Video Catalog Ingestion and MatchingYou provide a catalog of video assets to Rovi, which ingests those assets and matches them against Rovi IDs using both automated and manual processes. Rovi analysts validate the accuracy of the matches.You retrieve relevant Rovi video metadata and use Rovi Search and Recommendations to enhance your product on an ongoing basis by using a record that indicates how your catalog of video assets matches to Rovi IDs.Rovi delivers Rovi IDs for your complete video catalog for ongoing use.

For information about this service, please e-mail us.

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