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Rovi Search

Rovi Search locates the songs, albums, movies, people, and TV shows a user is looking for and makes available extensive amounts of data for each result.

Would you like a quick overview of the calls? Check out The Power of Rovi Search.

Search API Version 2.1

New in version 2.1: search shows on the television service the customer is watching and return a schedule in the results.


Search titles and names in music, movies, and television.


Predict search text as you type.


Return search results as you type.


Present custom views of music, movies, or TV, and let the user browse areas of interest and select content.


Sort songs, albums, movies, people, or TV shows by priorities such as release date, current popularity, and all-time popularity.

Advanced Search

Rovi also offers advanced search capabilities:
  • Editorial Search.  Return search results based on your editorial point of view.
  • Personalized Search.  Display enhanced search results based on user profiles and preferences.
  • Client Catalog Search.  Return search results based only on items available in specific catalogs.
  • Merchandise and Promotions Management.  Present users with merchandised search results or sponsored and promotional content.
To give you an idea of how Advanced Search works, here are calls that demonstrate some of the key capabilities of these services. These calls are not intended for use in a commercial application. They are presented here so you can see for yourself the value that Rovi Advanced Search can add to your product or service.
Advanced Media SearchSearch with extra filters and priority settings.
Advanced Faceted SearchFilterBrowse with extra filters and priority settings.
Advanced Predictive Search   Autocomplete with extra filters and priority settings.
For information about Rovi Advanced Search, please contact us.
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