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Add a entertainment to your apps with our music data API, movie data API, TV listings API, or celebrity data API.

Rovi Cloud Services Documentation

Welcome to Rovi Cloud Services, your best resource for the entertainment data and images you need for your website, application, or consumer electronics device. Whether you're an individual developer or a consumer electronics company, our suite of web services can power your entertainment offerings.

Rovi Cloud Services is hosted by redundant data centers in multiple locations around the world, supporting
millions of devices and applications.

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Data Service

World-class entertainment metadata provides rich information about TV, music, movies, games and more.

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Search Service

Deliver accurate, personalized and highly relevant media search results.

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Recommendations Service

Differentiate offerings, increase revenue and drive consumption with sophisticated media recommendations.

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Advertising Services

Monetize offerings and create recurring revenue streams for connected products and services.

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Sample API Request

API requests to Rovi Cloud Services are simple HTTP requests like the following, which asks for images of the album Birth of the Cool:
An exception to this request format is the SOAP-based APIs. Those APIs use a different request format as described in the documentation.

Sample JSON Response

The following is the JSON response to a request for parts of the composition Carmina Burana, formatted here to make it easy to read:
      "O Fortuna",
      "Fortune plango vulnera",
      "Veris leta facies",
      "Omnia Sol temperal",
      "Ecce gratium",
      "Floret silva",
      "Chramer, gip die varwe mir",
      "Swaz hie gat umbe - Chume, chum geselle min",
      "Were diu werit alle min",
      "Estuans interius",
      "Olim lacus colueram",
      "Ego sum abbas",
      "In taberna quando sumus",
      "Amor volat undique",
      "Dies, nox et omnia",
      "Stetit puella",
      "Circa mea pectora",
      "Si puer cum puellula",
      "Veni, veni, venias",
      "In trutina",
      "Tempus est iocundum",
      "Ave formosissima",
      "O Fortuna"

Sample XML Response

The following is a formatted XML response of the same data shown for the JSON response above.
<CompositionPartsDetail xmlns="com.rovicorp.metadataservice" xmlns:i="">
  <messages i:nil="true" />
  <ids xmlns:a="">
        <a:amgClassicalId>C 52075</a:amgClassicalId>
  <parts xmlns:a="">
        <a:string>O Fortuna</a:string>
        <a:string>Fortune plango vulnera</a:string>
        <a:string>Veris leta facies</a:string>
        <a:string>Omnia Sol temperal</a:string>
        <a:string>Ecce gratium</a:string>
        <a:string>Floret silva</a:string>
        <a:string>Chramer, gip die varwe mir</a:string>
        <a:string>Swaz hie gat umbe - Chume, chum geselle min</a:string>
        <a:string>Were diu werit alle min</a:string>
        <a:string>Estuans interius</a:string>
        <a:string>Olim lacus colueram</a:string>
        <a:string>Ego sum abbas</a:string>
        <a:string>In taberna quando sumus</a:string>
        <a:string>Amor volat undique</a:string>
        <a:string>Dies, nox et omnia</a:string>
        <a:string>Stetit puella</a:string>
        <a:string>Circa mea pectora</a:string>
        <a:string>Si puer cum puellula</a:string>
        <a:string>Veni, veni, venias</a:string>
        <a:string>In trutina</a:string>
        <a:string>Tempus est iocundum</a:string>
        <a:string>Ave formosissima</a:string>
        <a:string>O Fortuna</a:string>
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