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Rovi Recommendations

Help your customers discover new digital media favorites. Rovi Recommendations is a recommendations engine that's designed around the ways users relate to media. We employ top-tier media analysts who rate, review, and profile content across our vast collection of metadata about music, movies, and television. We combine that knowledge with the power of multiple computer algorithms and customization options to deliver always current, always relevant recommendations.

Use Rovi Recommendations as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with other services in Rovi Cloud Services.

Recommendations API Version 2.1


Songs, albums, movies, TV shows, or music artists that are most similar to a customer favorite. New in version 2.1: return a schedule of recommended TV shows on the television service the customer is watching.

Advanced Recommendations

If your company delivers entertainment content, you will be excited to learn about our customization services for enabling unique and personalized recommendations:
  • Personalization:  Integrate user behaviors and preferences to generate personalized recommendations, building loyalty and encouraging consumption.
  • Client Catalog:  Return only items that are available in a specific catalog or group of catalogs, increasing result relevance.
  • Popularity:  Increase focus on either the most popular content or drive discovery of your back catalog.
  • Age:  Filter or prioritize recommendation results to either increase focus on recently released content or on a specific time period.
To give you an idea of how Advanced Recommendations works, here are calls that demonstrate some of the key capabilities of these services. These calls are not intended for use in a commercial application. They are presented here so you can see for yourself the value that Rovi Advanced Recommendations can add to your product or service.
EventUser action that adds to or modifies the taste profile of the user.
ItemVectorTaste profile of an item, which may be added to the taste profile of a user.
ProfileVectorTaste profile of a user.
ForYouRecommendations based on filters, priority settings, and user taste profile.
Advanced Item-
Based Recommendations
Recommendations based on filters, priority settings, and similarity to an item.
For information about Rovi Advanced Recommendations, please contact us.
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