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The Power of Rovi Search

What's on your mind? We offer several ways to answer that question . . . here are our search calls and how they compare to each other.

Search Use when . . .

  • You enter the full search query before hitting Enter.

  • Words are out of order and may not match the name you're looking for.

Features . . .

  • Returns items that match the query terms.

  • Can page through all items in the catalog.

Autocomplete Use when . . .

  • The next step will be full search.

  • You want to suggest search text as the user types.

Features . . .

  • No duplicate names in the results.

  • Returns names with words that start with the letters being typed.

SingleStage Search    Use when . . .

  • You want to return results as the user types.

  • It is the only search, and the user clicks directly to content.

Features . . .

  • Can page through all items in the catalog.

  • Returns all matching items (compare to Autocomplete example).

Filterbrowse Use to . . .

  • Present custom views of music, movies, or TV.

  • Present pages that zone in on areas of interest.

Features . . .

  • No query text.

  • Browse by genre, mood, decade, parental rating, etc.

Sort Use to sort content by priorities . . .

  • Alphabetical.

  • Release date.

  • Current popularity.

  • All-time popularity.

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