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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about Rovi Cloud Services. If you don't see the information you're looking for here, or elsewhere in the documentation, please post a message on the Rovi Cloud Services Forum.

Data Corrections
Product Additions
Cease & Desist Notices
Data and Image Updates
Features on Rovi Web Sites
Special Characters Used in Data

If I find an error in Rovi data, who should I contact to have it corrected?
Please send requests for corrections or updates to existing database records to clientservices@rovicorp.com.
I have a music, movie, or game product that isn't covered in the Rovi data. Can this be added so there will be coverage provided for it? How do I go about this?
Rovi will add music, movies, and game releases at the request of licensees, artists, distributors, manufacturers, or labels. These additions are generally available to licensees within one week from Rovi's receipt of the material (this may vary). It is extremely helpful to have a copy of the physical product, along with any additional information, such as press releases, one-sheets, etc., sent to Rovi. This allows the additions to be made as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Please forward materials to:

Artist Submissions
Rovi Corporation
1168 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 887-5600

For numerous product addition requests (entire product catalogs), please e-mail clientservices@rovicorp.com to make arrangements for electronic delivery.
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Does Rovi Cloud Services supply data about products that are currently subject to Cease & Desist notices?
Rovi Cloud Services does not deliver information about products that are subject to Cease & Desist notices that we have received. If you are aware of information being returned about such a product, please forward the facts to clientservices@rovicorp.com.
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How often are images updated?
Data and images updates become available on a daily basis. We dedicate 300 people to processing 5 million program and episode changes every business day.
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Why are there some features on the Rovi Web sites that are not provided in the data we receive?
Rovi Web sites are separate and distinct products from licenseable Rovi data. While one of the missions of the Web sites is to demonstrate our licenseable data, we also use the sites to test and develop potential new data elements, features, and functionality which are not currently ready or available for license, and may or may not be in the future. If you have any question as to whether something you see on our Web site is currently available for license, please contact your Account Representative.
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I notice some special HTML characters in the data. What is the character encoding of response data?
Rovi data is published in UTF-8 format, with some characters specified as HTML character entity references. The HTML entity references include both named character references (such as <, &, and  ) and decimal number character references (such as ś and —).
HTML entity references are recognized as valid HTML characters by all modern Web browsers.
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