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Alt=Add entertainment to your apps with television data, images, and schedules from our REST TV listings API.

Rovi REST TV Listings

Rovi TV Listings delivers international television schedules plus data and images about programs and celebrities.


Service OverviewUse Cases
API LicenseBuild a TV Schedule in a Table Grid
IntroductionBuild a TV Schedule in a Magazine Format
Getting StartedBuild Pages Around Celebrities
Rovi Cloud Services FAQBuild Pages Around Movies and Television Shows
Data Objects
Rules and Enumerations

API Reference

Listings API

International television schedules, plus program and celebrity data and images.
listings/servicesTelevision service providers in an area.
listings/servicedetailsChannel lineup and channel logos for a television service.
listings/gridscheduleTV listings and channel logos for a television service.
listings/linearscheduleTV listings and program images for a television service. Note: program images to be added shortly.
listings/programdetailsProgram data, images, and a schedule of upcoming broadcasts.
listings/celebritydetails   Celebrity data, images, and a schedule of upcoming broadcast appearances.

Image API

Movie and TV images, including celebrities and TV channel logos.
image/namemapImages of people in movies and television.
image/videomapImages for movies and television programs.
image/channelmapLogos of television channels.

Premium TV Listings API

Rovi also offers the following premium TV Listings API:
Source ID Map.  Return the television services your European customers are actually watching on your home entertainment product so you can give them a rich, internet-delivered program guide that is tailored just for them. You send the digital video broadcasting IDs of the services detected by the tuner in your device (known as DVB triplets), and this API returns the Rovi IDs for those channels and services.
For information about this premium service, please e-mail us.
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