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Movie Moods

Here are moods in movies and TV series that are recognized by Rovi DVDs. Press the icon in a column heading to re-sort the column.
ID Movie Mood
D   257 For Love of Country
D   259 Tough Guys
D   260 Blood and Gore
D   262 Carnal Knowledge
D   264 Only Human
D   265 Spellbinders
D   269 In a Minor Key
D  2024 Fantastic Reality
D  2025 Memory Lane
D  2026 Adrenaline Rush
D  2027 In the Mood for Love
D  2028 A Good Cry
D  2029 Just for Fun
D  2030 Comedy on the Edge
D  2031 Trashy
D  2032 Food for Thought
D  2033 Triumph of the Spirit
D  2034 Strictly Speaking
D  2035 Head Trips
D  2036 Pick-Me-Ups
D  2037 Nail-biters
D  2038 Other Dimensions
D  2066 Abandon All Hope
D  5206 Uncomfortable Viewing
D  5207 A World of Its Own
D  5208 Off the Beaten Path
D  5209 Estrogen Shot
D  5210 Unloveables
D  5211 Young and Old Alike
D  5212 Slow Burn
D  5213 Angsty
D  5214 Button Pushers
D  5215 Triumph of the Geeks
D  5216 Eyepoppers
D  5217 Gutbusters
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