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Returns the current top movies and TV shows in a movie genre or subgenre. The list changes over time and, by design, is limited to a maximum of 100 per genre or subgenre.


descriptor/significantmovies?apikey=apikey&sig=sig&genreids=genreids [&format=format] [&offset=offset] [&count=count] [&country=country] [&language=language]

Request Example 1

Request the top movies and TV shows in the Western and Reality Show [TV] genres.

Request Example 2

Request the top movie or TV show in the Western genre.

Request Example 3

Request the number two movie or TV show in the Western genre in an XML response.

Request Parameters

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Parameter Required Description
apikey Yes Access code that authorizes your request for data from Rovi.
genreids Yes Genre ID or subgenre ID. You can get IDs of movie genres and subgenres from Descriptor/Genres or Descriptor/MovieGenres.

Replace any spaces in an ID with plus (+) or percent20 (%20) symbols. To specify multiple IDs, use a comma-separated list, like this: genreids=D+++646,D+++647.

sig Yes A calculated, 32-hex-digit authorization code. To perform the calculation, execute the MD5 function on the concatenation of the following three ASCII strings:
  • Your API key.
  • The secret key you received with your API key.
  • The Unix time. Unix time is a timestamp supported in most development environments, and is generally defined as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT.

Express the alpha hex digits as lower case.

Perform the calculation at the time of each request to be sure it's within a five-minute window of the server time. If you're testing the call in a browser, use our online signature generator to perform the calculation.

count No Number of items to be returned. The default is zero, which returns all items after the offset.
country No Country the language parameter applies to. The current release of the API supports only US.
format No Format of the returned data: json or xml. The default is JSON.
language No Language of the response data. This request supports only en (English).
offset No Number of items at the start of the available data to skip. The default is zero.

Use count and offset to paginate the data that is available to be returned.


Response Header

buildstringThe software release level of the API.
codeintegerHTTP status code. See the status field for the text part of the code.
durationintegerServer processing time in milliseconds. The difference between startTime and endTime.
endTimestringWhen the server sent the response (UTC time).
messagesMessage [ ]Elements of a multiple HTTP response status message.
parametersparametersThe parameters that were included in the request.
serverNamestringName of the server that processed the request.
startTimestringWhen the server received the request (UTC time).
statusstringText part of the HTTP status code, which is shown in the code field.
viewviewSummary of items returned in a list of items.

Response for Descriptor/SignificantMovies

movies SignificantMovie [ ] Top movies and TV shows in the genres or subgenres specified in the request.

JSON Response Example

Here's the response to Request Example 2, which asks for the top movie or TV show in the Western genre. The response has been formatted with extra space and carriage returns to make it easy to read.
Requested with
    "id":"D   656",
    "offset": 0,
    "count": 1,
    "offset": 0,
    "count": 1,
    "total": 163
        "id":"D   656",
      "id":"V     6029",
      "title":"Blazing Saddles",
          "id":"D   648",
          "id":"D   656",

XML Response Example

Here's the response to Request Example 3, which asks for the number two movie or TV show in the Western genre in an XML response.
Requested with
<SignificantMovies xmlns="com.rovicorp.metadataservice" xmlns:i="">
  <messages i:nil="true"/>
    <id>D   656</id>
        <id>D   656</id>
      <id>V    54529</id>
      <title>The Wild Bunch</title>
          <id>D   656</id>

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