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Rovi TV Listings

Rovi TV Listings gives you access to the television database created by TV Guide, the popular weekly American television magazine. Today that database takes in 5 million program changes every 24 hours and powers data, images, and TV schedules in magazines, websites, and television program guides in over three dozen countries.

Rovi TV Listings is everything TV.  Take advantage of it. Create a compelling entertainment experience that draws consumers to your app, device, service, or website around any combination of —

  • Program recommendations
  • US national television schedules
  • Program data, images, and upcoming schedule
  • Celebrity data, images, and upcoming appearances
  • International cable, satellite, and broadcast television schedules

We offer both SOAP and REST interfaces to our television data. What's the difference between them, other than protocol? The SOAP interface currently offers recommendations that are not yet available on the REST interface and a few more image filtering options. But the REST interface includes our most commonly used features and returns the same data. For most developers, the choice comes down to a matter of preference.

REST TV Listings

International television listings plus program and celebrity data and images.

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SOAP TV Listings

International television listings and recommendations plus program and celebrity data and images.

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Premium TV Listings API

Rovi also offers the following premium TV Listings API:
Source ID Map.  Return the television services your European customers are actually watching on your home entertainment product so you can give them a rich, internet-delivered program guide that is tailored just for them. You send the digital video broadcasting IDs of the services detected by the tuner in your device (known as DVB triplets), and this API returns the Rovi IDs for those channels and services.
For information about this premium service, please e-mail us.
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