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API License and Usage

Welcome to the Rovi DVDs API!  Feel free to try out the API yourself to find out whether it meets your needs. Just register to get an evaluation key that you can use in the API requests. The evaluation key gives you access for evaluation purposes only and does not authorize commercial use. This is fully explained in our API Evaluation License Terms of Use. Be sure to read and agree to those terms before using our APIs.

After you register, you can also view your API usage limits on your My Account page.

Commercial License

The terms of use for a commercial license are different from the terms of an evaluation license. We offer a wide range of subscription and pricing options. Just e-mail us details about the application you're thinking of developing at apisupport@rovicorp.com and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Rovi Attribution

If you have a commercial license with Rovi to use the Rovi APIs, Rovi attribution that includes a Rovi logo must appear on all services, products, and applications that are powered by Rovi, as required by your contract with Rovi. Below is a zip file that contains the Rovi logo and the guidelines for using it.

Here's a zip file that contains the powered by Rovi logo in multiple graphics formats. The zip file includes color versions for light and dark backgrounds, and monotone versions in case your brand colors clash with the Rovi red laser zap.
UseMinimum SizeSample (100px)Download
Web page100pxPowered By Rovi Blac-B92BF4 cmyk.pngPBR logos zip file
Printed page25mm

Rovi Logo Usage Guidelines

  • The Rovi logo should be of equal size and prominence as any other partner logos.
  • The Rovi logo should be larger than the minimum specified size wherever possible.
  • The color version of the Rovi logo should be used unless design or printing restrictions require a monochrome version.
  • The space around the Rovi logo—the distance from an edge or any other design element—must be at least the height of the letter i in Rovi and should be larger wherever possible.
  • Still have questions about correct use of the logo? Please e-mail us at brand@rovicorp.com.


Here are some examples of the Rovi logo in use.

Phone App

Notice the Rovi logo in the lower-right corner of each screen.
Splash ScreenAbout-the-App Screen
Phone App Splash Screen.png
Phone App About Screen.png

Tablet App

Notice the Rovi logo in the lower-right corner of each screen.
Splash ScreenAbout-the-App Screen
Tablet App Splash Screen.png
Tablet App About Screen.png


Notice the Rovi logo in the lower-right corner.
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